Increase product absorption by 3000%* with the original Dermaroller

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The average amount of topical product which penetrates to the deeper layers or the skin is just 0.3%. Using the at-home Dermaroller device creates micro channels in the skins’ surface, and facilitates transdermal delivery, meaning you get 3000%* more penetration of active ingredients!

* 2001 Philipps-University of Marburg, Study on the effectiveness of a novel device for improved introduction of active ingredients in the skin: the Dermaroller

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The Original Dermaroller

Revolutionary skincare technology: anti-aging benefits with microneedling for flawless skin.

Precision Needle Arrangement
Triple Quality Control Check
High-Quality Stainless Steel
Made in Germany

Why choose the original Dermaroller?

The original Dermaroller

Barrel roller

Surgical grade stainless steel needles

162 needles

Hand-placed needles

Individually sharpened, spherical needles

Three quality control checks

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Sterilised and sealed

Medical Class IIa device

Other microneedling devices

Disk roller

Titanium needles

Up to 540 needles

Machine-placed needles

Titanium cannot be sharpened

One quality control check

Manufactured and assembled elsewhere



The perfect combination for accelerated results!


For over 20 years, Dermaroller has pioneered medical aesthetics with cutting-edge microneedling technology and advanced skincare solutions. As the inventors of microneedling, our original Dermaroller device was created in 1999 and remains the gold-standard at-home device.

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We are Dermaroller GmbH. We invented microneedling. A pioneering spirit that drives and motivates our internationally operating, medium-sized family business to this day. Our roots lie in the field of aesthetic medical technology. In addition, we specialise in dermatological, surgical, and aesthetic markets. Our mission is to care for and protect the skin in all its wonderful facets.

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