Redefining beauty standards through scientific excellence, our roots lie in the field of aesthetic medical technology, and we are committed to quality, research and innovation. Since our inception we have continually pushed the boundaries of skincare and skin rejuvenation, and take pride in being a trusted brand distributed in more than 50 countries today.

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Our technology

As the originators of Dermaroller, our mission is to care for and protect the skin in all its facets, while providing our customers with the best possible solutions.

Launched in 1999 and recognised globally for its revolutionary skincare technology, XCellarisPro Home Care Dermaroller is unsurpassed for its safety and efficacy – it even undergoes a triple quality control check. 

Handcrafted in Germany and with 0.2mm atraumatic stainless steel needles that meet the stringent requirements for a home use device, it helps to refine pores, reduce wrinkles, boost radiance and improve skin texture. 

Our products

We place great importance on transparency and sustainability: our cruelty-tree and vegan products are made in Germany and designed with the environment in mind. Carefully formulated and tested to treat skin gently but effectively, we use eco-friendly materials and production processes to contribute to the protection of the planet. 

Featuring 20 products for skin and hair, XCellarisPro offers professional solutions to address everything from pigmentation to hair loss, and is the perfect complement to Dermaroller.