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Large Pores System

Large Pores System

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The XCellarisPro Large Pores System is a comprehensive solution for achieving a refined complexion and reducing enlarged pores. With the XCellarisPro Dermaroller, Deep Cleanser, and HA Treat Ampoules, this trio is highly effective in combating large pores.
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Refine large pores

The Large Pores Set from XCellarisPro contains the clarifying Deep Cleanser, the Pure HA Ampoules and the XCellarisPro Dermaroller. The dermaroller is a microneedling tool that removes dead skin cells, opens and clarifies the pores and can thus refine the complexion. The appearance of large pores can be minimized. Thanks to the Pure HA ampoules, the skin is also moisturized and elasticity and collagen levels are increased.

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