How to use

Less is more

You only need to use your Home Care Dermaroller once a week. You can use your device up to three times per week - but start off slow - only using it once weekly, and work up to this.


Thoroughly clean your face and hands before use


Using very light pressure, roll the Dermaroller over each area of the skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally, two to three times. Lift the roller off the skin before each change in direction


Allow the skin to recover for 10 to 15 minutes before applying your New Natural Line skincare


Clean the Dermaroller thoroughly after each treatment to maintain hygiene and prevent skin irritation. Simply apply Roller Cleaner by spraying the roller from all angles and place the Dermaroller back into its case for the next use!

At-home microneedling


At-home microneedling devices should only ever penetrate the epidermis, with a maximum needle depth of up to 0.3mm.
The original Home Care Dermaroller has a needle depth of 0.2mm, and is designed to be used gently, once to three times weekly, creating micro-channels in the epidermis to boost product penetration.
Microneedling also helps stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process, by creating fine micro-punctures in the skin which stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. Skin appears rejuvenated with a new glow!
There is no snagging, no pain, no bleeding and no risk of pigmentation with the original Home Care Dermaroller.

Needle depth guide

Home Care


Professional Care

0.5mm - 1.5mm

Medical Care

0.5mm - 2.5mm

Why choose the original Dermaroller?

The original Dermaroller

Barrel roller

Surgical grade stainless steel needles

162 needles

Hand-placed needles

Individually sharpened, spherical needles

Three quality control checks

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Sterilised and sealed

Medical Class IIa device

Other microneedling devices

Disk roller

Titanium needles

Up to 540 needles

Machine-placed needles

Titanium cannot be sharpened

One quality control check

Manufactured and assembled elsewhere




Frequently asked questions

Will at-home micronnedling cause pigmentation?

No. There is no risk of pigmentation using the Home Care Dermaroller device—only professional microneedling at a much greater depth of up to 2.5mm may disrupt melanocytes.

Does at-home microneedling hurt?

No. The Home Care Dermaroller has a needle depth of 0.2mm and does not cause pain if used correctly. Click here for full instructions.

Can at-home microneedling boost collagen production?

No. The Home Care Dermaroller uses a needle depth of 0.2mm, targeting only the epidermis and therefore does not boost collagen production. Only devices using a needle depth of 0.5mm to 2.5mm can penetrate the dermis and therefore promote collagen production—these treatments should only be performed under professional guidance.

Can at-home microneedling boost hair growth?

No. The Home Care Dermaroller uses a needle depth of 0.2mm, targeting only the epidermis and therefore does not penetrate to a depth that would boost capillary function and promote hair growth. Professional microneedling treatments using our professional device, the Dermaroller XCellaris Pro TWIST, which can penetrate the skin from 0.5mm to 2.5mm, achieving angiogenesis to promote hair regrowth

Can at-home microneedling go through scar tissue?

No. The Home CareDermaroller uses a needle depth of 0.2mm, targeting only the epidermis and therefore does not penetrate to a depth that would be necessary to penetrate scar tissue. The Dermaroller XCellaris Pro TWIST is our in-clinic treatment, and is suitable to treat scarring. For a list of clinics, click here.

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