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The Home Care Dermaroller from Germany is a handcrafted microneedling tool that pairs perfectly with your skincare routine. Boasting stainless steel needles measuring 0.2 mm, it promotes blood circulation and helps achieve a glowing complexion. Additionally, microneedling can improve the absorption of skincare products.

Use on: face, neck and décolletage

Needle length: 0.2mm

Use for: dead skin cell cell removal, exfoliation

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Product Details

The skin is our largest organ covering an area of up to two square metres. With advancing age skin damages increase, however. The Original Home Care Dermaroller HC902 can help retain a smoother, fresher and younger looking skin. Dermaroller HC902's tiny microneedles remove old skin scales, deposits and blockages of the uppermost skin layer, the epidermis. Your skin complexion will become more refined, radiant and transparent again. Blemishes and enlarged pores can be reduced clearly. The slight puncture of the epidermis improves superficial skin perfusion (microcirculation). With just two to three applications a week, your skin will look softer, fresher and brighter after only a few weeks. The short microneedles of 0.2 millimetres length penetrate solely the uppermost skin layer (epidermis). Treatment with the Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is thus virtually painless. This is also due to the very high quality and sharpness of the needles which are produced and controlled under strict quality criteria in Germany. There are no comparable products from the Far East, which by the way are nothing but cheap copies of our Original. The home use of Dermaroller HC902 is also very well suited to support professional microneedling carried out by a dermatologist. The Dermaroller HC902 can be used by the same person several times, since the microneedles only penetrate into the top skin layer. Regular and thorough cleansing after each application is ceaseless for repeated use. Otherwise, a hygienic application can not be ensured, thus leading to skin irritations. Dermaroller has developed the Roller Cleaner especially for this purpose. This is simply sprayed onto the roller head after cleaning.


Roller Cleaner: Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitol, CocamidopropylBetaine, ChlorhexidineDigluconate, PEG7GlycerylCocoate

Uncover radiant skin


At-home microneedling can stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process by creating a series of fine micro-punctures in the skin which improves blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. It can help with blemished skin and enlarged pores, and gives tired, stressed skin a new glow! Using the Home-Care Dermaroller also enhances product absorption of active ingredients by up to 3000%—simply wait for 15 minutes after microneedling your skin and then apply your New Natural Line Skincare for optimal results. 



- Effective cleaning of Home Care Dermaroller head
- Quick and easy to use
- Inhibits development of micro-organisms
- Removes germs and dead skin cells




How to use


Thoroughly clean your face and hands before use


Using very light pressure, roll the Dermaroller over each area of the skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally, two to three times. Lift the roller off the skin before each change in direction


Allow the skin to recover for 10 to 15 minutes before applying your New Natural Line skincare


Clean the Dermaroller thoroughly after each treatment to maintain hygiene and prevent skin irritation. Simply apply Roller Cleaner by spraying the roller from all angles and place the Dermaroller back into its case for the next use!

Why choose the original Dermaroller?

The original Dermaroller

Barrel roller

Surgical grade stainless steel needles

162 needles

Hand-placed needles

Individually sharpened, spherical needles

Three quality control checks

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Sterilised and sealed

Medical Class IIa device

Other microneedling devices

Disk roller

Titanium needles

Up to 540 needles

Machine-placed needles

Titanium cannot be sharpened

One quality control check

Manufactured and assembled elsewhere



Complete your routine


HC902 Home Roller


Hyal C Serum


Hyaluron Acid


Hyaluron Ampoulles 30


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